January Bugs are Re-homed

January 3, 2024

A new app comes with new discoveries. That’s why Nurl is proud to announce fixes to the app’s initial bugs. As a caring and conscientious company, Nurl does not violently squish or squash bugs. We simply remove and re-home them so they can continue to contribute positively to our ecosystem.

Nurl is the tabletop role-playing app for IRL and hybrid sessions where all your game tools now appear in one magical place. In January, an Authorization Flow update was made to fix errors with beta registration and authentication. Also addressed was the Markdown Converter that was missing in the Group Notes.

“Our initial beta users helped identify a few hiccups in the sign up flow,” said Casey Baggz, Nurl founder and CEO. “These bugs were quickly fixed, and we look forward to promptly improving the app’s performance as issues arise.”

The Nurl app was launched in 2023 to make playing tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons © and Pathfinder © easy by combining machine learning, extensions, and all the necessary tools into one easy to understand dashboard so you can level up your enjoyment of the game while powering down the chaos.

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